Charles Flèche

Hey, I'm Charles,

a freelance software developer from France. I'm making tools for Visual Effects artists, building custom technologies for NGO and coding for Live Entertainment and Projection Mapping.

My current main project for dandelion+burdock is Previz, a real-time 3D content planning and previsualization environment for live entertainment, installations and architectural projects.

A few years ago I cycled from France to Australia with Siugi. This has been a crazy trip, but by no mean did it cured my travel bug. Since then I keep on traveling the world for work and fun. In 2018, after a few months in Berlin, Germany to meet the local tech community, I'm currently helping a local team in Yangon, Myanmar to finish a web application. This month I am working from Koh Lanta, Thailand at the KoHub coworking community.

Let's be in touch on Twitter, Mastodon or LinkedIn.


  1. In Mortem Resolume

    08 octobre 2017


    Resolume, multi-projection, vidéo live et contrôle sur scène pour In Mortem